beauty and truth

One of the thoughts which is frequently at the surface of my mind is my belief that “Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty”, though I differ with the beautiful Keats in that I don’t think it is all we need to know. But such sublime words!

By infusing the mind with beauty and truth, they synthesize and come out of one’s being as an act of love into the person who is loved. I figured this out in a discussion with my beloved, my husband the other night. It is my own idea and my own explanation of a small part of that which I consider a Secret Garden. If you don’t know to what I am referring, only know it is the most sacred inner part of the human being which can only be unlocked by him to whom is given the key.

Beauty is an expression of Love. When someone does something which is truly beautiful there must be love in the heart.

I just found this in the catechism

2501 Created “in the image of God,” man also expresses the truth of his relationship with God the Creator by the beauty of his artistic works. Indeed, art is a distinctively human form of expression; beyond the search for the necessities of life which is common to all living creatures, art is a freely given superabundance of the human being’s inner riches. Arising from talent given by the Creator and from man’s own effort, art is a form of practical wisdom, uniting knowledge and skill, to give form to the truth of reality in a language accessible to sight or hearing. To the extent that it is inspired by truth and love of beings, art bears a certain likeness to God’s activity in what he has created. Like any other human activity, art is not an absolute end in itself, but is ordered to and ennobled by the ultimate end of man.

Isn’t it wonderful? I love the Catechism and the wealth of goodness in it and answers. I never knew there were answers before I knew about the Catechism!

The very first time I went to Eucharistic Adoration, I went with a long heavy list of issues to discuss with Our Lord, and as I started down my list, the most irrelevant and impossible thing was announced into my mind. “Develop your artistic talent”. That was now 3 years ago. Shame on me, I have yet to do it. I have been arguing that I have no such thing, and cetainly no time to do it in. But now I have just read that it’s given from God. So suppose I should trust him. I often find it odd that I happen to have a degree in Studio Art under my belt.


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