The Comfort of Home

It’s true. There’s no place like home. My husband and I spent the weekend getting away from it all- the kids, the housework, and the town we’re so used to seeing everyday. We wanted new sights in our eyes, we needed refreshing as a couple and just as two tired people. We needed a vacation. Without much money to spend and not wanting to go too far away from our beautiful children, we decided to just spend some time in neighboring towns an hour away.

We had a nice time, but I was edgy about the bugs in the country half of our weekend, and we were both edgy about the filthiness and crime in the city half of our weekend. We both much preferred the country half, and agreed that only one night would have been plenty of time. By mid-day after our afternoon,evening, and night away, we missed our kids. And I found myself missing our home too. I missed the safety and the security and the association with our kids and us. I just couldn’t relax until I got back there.

Through the experience I realized how content I really am. I realized how much God has blessed us with his Providence. He provides. Our home is messy quite often, because our kids make sure of that. It was nice to have a couple of days without continuous cleaning. I needed that break, that chance to get my mind back together and be away from the everyday. That was good. But I wanted to go back. There’s no place like home. Even though it isn’t perfect, everything at home is home. We don’t have everything we want, but everything there is the way we like it. I missed cooking things my way, and I missed the baby being right next to us at night, and I missed sharing all the moments with the kids. I missed relaxing on our couch for a chat instead of being on someone else’s turf. It’s just not possible to relax in very many places except at home.

Ordinarily when I get away for a period of time like that especially staying in a hotel or some such place, I feel in absolute luxury because of the cleanliness and the professional taken care of feeling. But this time, I knew I had roughly that at home by my own hands, and I missed home. In fact my confidence was boosted in my ability to take care of our home and family because in many ways, I could see where I do a better job than the paid professionals.

And our kids. We were both so eager to get back and be with them. It’s like having part of our heart stretched very very far away, and we just couldn’t relax without knowing they were near.

We came home and after we had restocked our refrigerator, we and took our beautiful children to the park where we had a magnificent time, just playing and walking around. What a relief it was to be home, be with our kids, and know we were content right here in our own small imperfect little niche of the world where we live. I didn’t expect to be revived by coming home.

We also decided that respite for us could be accomplished in just one night away or even in just a 3 or 4 hour date. And time sent as the family which God has caused to flourish because of our love is the most refreshing and fulfilling thing ever.

We’re so grateful for eachother, for our children, and for where we live and how we are blessed to be able to live because of God providing plenty for us.  No we don’t have everything, and we can’t spend money frivolously, but that’s not even what we want. To be content with what God has given is truly to be happy. We have such richness in his love and in knowing it is He who cares for us.

Another interesting thing happened after we came home. The Monday after our weekend, a friend called me to ask if she could come over and share some news. She said their family was moving. I felt so happy for her, but surprisingly not jealous. She described the idyllic town where they were going to move and the massive financial scacrifice they were going to make to make this dream a reality. They had even sold their house the day before. She’d been keeping this a secret for 2 months. Now that it was all settled her husband felt comfortable with spreading the word to friends. This particular friend and I have had many conversations about our wish to live elsewhere. Somewhere prettier, somewhere with more of the resources and support for healthy living, somewhere with less of of a redneck reputation. And I was sincerely happy for her to be finally getting to a place more well suited to her family’s desires. But I was surprised to be able to find no envy within myself. I even told her I was jealous, but I wasn’t really. I even told her that if they found my husband a job, we’d move there too. But I didn’t feel the least bit hopeful that that would happen. I discovered by this challenge that it was no challenge at all, and I really have attained a state of contentment with our life as God has laid it out right nwo. It isn’t a good time for us to sell our house and move. Maybe in a few years, but now is not the time.

Oddly I was struggling to find this inner unrest about where we live, but I haven’t found it. that old familiar feeling is gone. What was there, was the knowledge that for us to move to a new better place would be very exciting for us, but not necessary for us to be happy. I am happy loving and serving my family with what God has given us. And where He has us. I am content to simply be in His light. And to watch my children grow in his light and my marriage to grow in His light.

The light has come into the darkness and the darkness has not understood it. It’s like one more little dark corner of my heart has been illuminated and transformed into a thing of Beauty by the love of God. He is so merciful to us and His grace is great to give us this gift.


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