Catholics live every day in a riot of miracles

In discussing trying to communicate across the Tiber with our Protestant friends, and explaining just what it is they can’t understand, my brother rounded up his statements with this paragraph:

As Catholics, our fears are different: we fear straying from the teachings of the Magisterium. We live, in fact, in a raucous luxury, where scriptural interpretation is not a matter of sweating fearfully through details, but skipping to the bookshelf to see what one of our thirty-odd Doctors have said about it over the past two thousand years, or looking through literally thousands of other sources — all of them completely authoritative and inspired by the Holy Spirit. We are doing nothing less than sitting at the feet of Christ himself, and listening to His very own teaching, because the Church is His continued teaching presence on Earth. Catholics live every day in a riot of miracles.

Wow. I am still amazed to be Catholic.


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