I was sitting in a classroom at a Baptist church one Friday a couple of months ago. Odd for a Catholic, but I was there with the home school speech and debate club. I looked over at a bulletin board I was sitting beside, and since I was waiting for things to begin, I occupied myself with reading some of the little notices pinned there. One was a letter written to people who were donating meals to the college ministry lunch every Thursday. “Huh, ” I thought. “I used to be one of those college students at the Baptist Student Union, getting my free lunch every Thursday.” I wasn’t Catholic yet when I was in college. Every Thursday, we got to eat free sloppy Joes and socialize at lunch time. It was nice. 

The letter was urging the people donating meals to this ministry to do the same thing they had done the previous year, and keep in mind that the idea is to “Do It Big”. The writer of the letter emphasized how proud he was of the cooking and the marvelous effort put out by the people who were giving their time and resources to the college students. He said that it made a very positive difference in the lives of these college kids for people to deliberately and obviously do something really, really, well and caring for them.

This caused me to reflect. Do it big? For college students? Just little old college students?

But then I remembered how much it meant to me as a college student when someone went out of their way to do even the slightest thing for me. How it inspired me to do the same in my own life. To do things for other people. I’m really often so selfish that I don’t even think to do anything nice for anyone outside my own family. And even then, I don’t think about doing it big. I think about doing it fast. cheap. small. easy. Do it big. hm.

I decided I like this idea. Do it big. I think I’d rather have a life marked by doing things all the way. Not by halves. Doing things really well. My best. Full out. Wow. What would it be like if everyone stopped counting the cost so much and just did their best always? Gave all? What an amazing world we’d have! Giving begets giving. At least so it seems to me. 

Why be small and petty and convenient all the time. Love Big. Do it all well. Your best. Every time.


One thought on “Doing

  1. Your post makes me think of what Chesterton said about St. Francis of Assissi: “[H]e deliberately did not see the mob for the men . . . He only saw the image of God multiplied but never monotonous . . .there was never a man who looked into those burning brown eyes without being certain that Francis Bernardone was really interested in him; in his own inner individual life from the cradle to the grave. . .” He treated every person as though they were Christ – he gave them his all and his best, as he would do for Christ himself. This sounds like the kind of attitude you are describing. At first the very thought of “doing it big” made me melancholy, what with struggle I have sometimes just to keep our house afloat. But being animated by the love of Christ makes doing it big possible. Thank you for this post.

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