Circling back

I am always relearning the thing I thought I had learned. In this case, recollectedness. 

For many years, I have benefited from reading Thomas a Kempis’ Imitation of Christ. several months ago, I felt bogged down by some of his sage words, and realized they were aimed at cloistered religious people and couldn’t possibly apply to me. A few weeks ago, I found my small red volume of Thomas a Kempis, and it was very dusty, and even a bit moldy. I had left it. I was looking for a remedy to the advice he gives, which is impossible advice for the person in the married state who has a large family and social life. I found that St Catherine of Sienna kept coming up, and also St Louis de Montfort.

I haven’t gotten to delve a whole lot into the writings of those two Saints, but since losing Thomas a Kempis, I have lost a certain sense of calm and security. It was as though I had a hedge of protection around me which gave me strength in many situations, but especially social ones. So I had thrown out the baby with the bath water.

The wisdom I forgot was this: how to be recollected, as well as possible, at all times. What I lost was a sense of where I stand. I stand deeply in the camp of God’s side. I have almost begun to let the outside rob me of my peace. Peace and recollectedness comes from God. Being in God.

Acts 17:28 “For in Him we live, and move, and are…”

So in God we begin. 

We can almost never see where we are going. A year ago, I would have been absolutely shocked if someone told me everything I would be doing today. Maybe there’s a reason we don’t get to see ahead. When we try to get control of things, we lack so much in understanding that we would almost certainly upset everything. 

So we walk with God and we do what we are given, we live simply and we trust in Him. And we look back and see how amazing it is, what He has brought us through, and where He has brought us to.

Love, Trust, Walk. Be not afraid.


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